healthy habits

Healthy Habits

Establishing healthy habits does not happen overnight. A person who has never exercised may find it difficult to live an active lifestyle. The same...
weight loss

Lose Weight Now

Lose Weight Now The truth is, you can usually tell whether a person is healthy or not, by taking a look at his habits. The...
Weight Loss Journey

The Importance of Unconditional Self-Love in your Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss is tough to get through! It requires a lot of patience, determination, and a positive outlook to succeed. Start with accepting the facts that your weight gain is the result of wrong habits you have developed for yourself...

The Critical Role that Nutrition Plays in Losing Weight

Nutrition diet is vital for the success of any weight management program. The benefits of good nutrition include an increase in overall energy, control of blood sugar levels, reduction of blood pressure, and improvement in cholesterol...
How to Change your Physical Activity-Related Habits

How to Change your Physical Activity-Related Habits ?

You have finally admitted that for more than two months you have seen the gym only from the outside. Overtime at work, feeling tired, getting sick, and family crisis have all kept you away from your exercise routine. And now, the question is how do you start again?
How to Stop Food Cravings ?

How to Stop Food Cravings ?

These food cravings can be ruthless. Most of us find it impossible to control food addictions. Fortunately, there are a few tricks that can help you stave off impulsive eating that slows down your weight loss efforts...
How to Change Your Eating Habits

How to Change Your Eating Habits ?

Our habits decide what we eat, when we eat, and how much we eat. Some habits are good like, "I always eat breakfast," and some are obviously bad like “I just can’t stay away from chips. If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, you must first change your eating habits and adopt healthy ones....
Lose Weight Slowly

Why is it Important to Lose Weight Slowly?

Why is it Important to Lose Weight Slowly? A slow weight loss program is always a healthier way to lose weight than any quick-fix method...
The Right Attitude for Weight Loss

The Right Attitude for Weight Loss

Ask any diet trainer or weight loss professional what is that one most important factor that determines the success of a weight loss regimen, and most of them are sure to say it is the attitude of a person. Having a positive attitude is undoubtedly the foremost thing you need to achieve and maintain a healthy weight...
Diet Myths that Pack on Pounds

Diet Myths that Pack on Pounds

Is lack of willpower the reason why people fail to achieve their weight loss goals? When you don’t stock up on high-calorie food in your fridge, your chances of sticking to your diet plan improve...

Why People Gain Back the Lost Weight

Losing weight is difficult, but maintaining the weight is more difficult than that! After all, when your pant size stops shrinking and the compliments come frequently, just one more cookie doesn’t seem like a big deal...
loss weight

What is obesity and why is it important to lose weight?

“How to lose weight” is perhaps the most searched phrase on any search engine. Men and women of all ages want to lose the excess fats in the body in a hope to have the perfect figure they see celebrities flaunting on screen. But, is there something more to just “looking good” for the desperation to lose weight?....
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