The Importance of Unconditional Self-Love in your Weight Loss Journey


Chapter 10: The Importance of Unconditional Self-Love in your Weight Loss Journey

The most common unknown obstacle faced by overweight people is a lack of self-esteem. They look down upon themselves and consider themselves inferior to others. They shy away from interacting with others. They do not socialize with an open mind as they always have a fear of being ridiculed about their size and shape at the back of their minds. This can hamper their weight loss efforts, especially in the early phases when the results are not quite evident. Hence, it’s important to feel confident about yourself and about your body when you begin your weight loss program.


We must understand that, as human beings, we are blessed with plenty of beautiful characteristics together with loads of flaws. How we work with what we’ve got, what we think about it, and the ways we judge ourselves determine the sort of lifestyle we lead. That is why having a high self-esteem and an unconditional self-love can act as a powerful weapon we can wield when looking to overcome the obstacles in our battle to lose weight and get fit.


On the other hand, when you suffer from low self-esteem, you tend to trap yourself in a self-fulfilling prophecy. You consider yourself to be inadequate, and due to this you believe you are acting inadequately. As a result, you deem yourself a failure and go completely blind to your own successes. If you think of yourself as fat, weak, ugly, and a pathetic loser who is unable to lose weight, then ouch! You are just giving yourself a whipping.

Weight Loss Journey

Low self-esteem can affect both men and women, but it’s found that women feel more pressured to look thin, young, and sexy, while men tend to stress on issues like hair loss, pot bellies, and short stature. When you are trying to lose weight and you feel bad about your body, it’s likely that you have a poor self-image! In this scenario, even if you have a weak desire to improve, you will not have that die-hard motivation that’s mandatory to make the necessary efforts.


Learn to tackle this. Forget what you know about your body and rewire your brain. Consider this: people with high self-esteem do not get bogged down by their mistakes! They realize that life is not all about just winning or losing. It’s about learning from your failures, brushing the dirt off your knees, and jumping forward again towards your goal with new wisdom that came from the failure. Apply this to your weight loss strategy. Be confident, because failures may come. Prepare yourself to look at them as a challenge and stride forward to your goal with greater enthusiasm. Praise yourself for small achievements and reward yourself to encourage the mind to continue the effort. Positive thinking will lead to positive feelings and eventually to positive results.


Allow yourself a few trip-ups. When something goes wrong with your diet plan, don’t punish yourself. Do not envisage this as your failure; instead take note of the behavior, change it, and get over it. Eventually, you will succeed.


A sensible weight-loss program mirrors this approach. It is grounded in modest and realistic goals that help promote your self-esteem and positive body image. Know that you are in charge of yourself and no other person can change your mentality without your consent. So, seize the reins and hesitate no further.


“Think Yourself Thin” is the mantra weight management experts advise people to imbibe. A high self-esteem and an unconditional self-love can help people lose weight by increasing their confidence in themselves and, in turn, in the steps they have taken to lose weight. This ensures they do not slip into a phase of depression and stick to their plan for longer.


Remember! Losing weight is inextricable from having unconditional self-love. If you manage to modify three things–your activities (how you exercise), your diet (what you eat), and most important of all, your attitude (how you deal with these two)–you will be able to achieve the results you are looking for.


Weight loss is tough to get through! It requires a lot of patience, determination, and a positive outlook to succeed. Start with accepting the facts that your weight gain is the result of wrong habits you have developed for yourself. It doesn’t mean you have to blame yourself; it’s just about taking responsibility for your actions. This will help you understand that if the problem is created by you, then the solution also lies within you. Only you can take the steps to lose your weight. Once you realize this, the rest will be easier.


The next challenge is to select the right path. Remember, the right path is always the one that seems to be difficult but takes us to our goal and gives immense satisfaction. Get on this path by adopting a healthy lifestyle, eating nutritious food, and doing regular exercises. Do not let the long time taken to show the initial results affect your determination. Be confident and keep reminding yourself that you have chosen the right path and the results cannot evade you. The science is always perfect! If the science has shown that a correct diet and physical exercise lead to weight loss, then it has to. Nothing can change this basic fact, so stick to what you are doing without any doubts; the success will follow.


Following the tips given in this book will help you lose weight in a healthy way, so get ready to shed those excess pounds and achieve a perfect curvy figure! Enjoy the benefits of healthy weight loss and keep away from the dangerous complications of obesity. Get Trim! Stay Healthy! Be Happy!!!