Weight loss spa treatments


Ingredients used in spas like butter, eucalyptus and clay can help people lose weight through body wraps. Any spa treatment can feel good, but people who want to lose weight may want to take advantage of its slimming benefits as well.

Body wraps is not a new concept. It was first used decades ago when linen sheets were first introduced. Although these treatments can vary from spa to spa, it is typically done in a dark room lit with candles and soft music.

The client lies on a massage table that has a thermal blanket on the bottom. They are first cleaned with their choice of body scrub. They will be rinsed before the herbs are applied.  The client’s body will be covered with a thin layer of the concoction before being wrapped. A thermal blanket is used to cover the body. The final step will include rinsing and applying lotion.

Mineral body wrap

Weight loss spa treatments


Mineral body wraps are said to cleanse the body inside and out. It is also supposed to tighten the pores of the skin and make it softer. Getting a mineral body wrap can give you a thinner appearance but this might be the result of water lost.

In a body wrap session, your fat cells are compressed because the water is removed but the reduction will only last for a week at most. The body will find a way to restore water into the cells. Because the result is not permanent, some suggest to only body wrap before special occasions like weddings. It is also possible to have two to three body wraps in a day depending on the amount of weight loss goal.

Lipase body wrap

Weight loss spa treatments

The lipase body wrap treatment has two steps which aim to break appearance of fat by wrapping the body in an enzyme solution followed by a mineral solution. The first step is designed to remove hard fat from the body while the second step softens the skin. Lipase body wrap is great for muscular bodies. Some spas even promise as much as 6-inch deficit in your current waist line.

Infrared Heat therapy

Infrared therapy uses infrared lamps and heating pads to increase the blood circulation in the body. When experiencing an infrared therapy, you will feel your body being heated even if you cannot see the lights. Infrared stimulates weight loss by eliminating toxins in the body. It stimulates sweat glands which can detoxify the skin. It is important that you drink water before and during the treatment to replenish your electrolytes.


The high temperature in saunas can accelerate your heart rate and increase your metabolism. This causes you to burn calories and lose weight in the process. It can also have therapeutic benefits for people with arthritis. Hot air can sooth joints and muscles.  A sauna session can also have the same effects as a workout. The increase in heart rate leads to the release of endorphins, which will cause the body to cool down. Some people also claim that sauna treatments can help them sleep better.