7 Killer Ways To Gain Muscle Naturally! Strategies For Beginners


Tired of being known as the “skinny guy”? Then try these 7 muscle gaining tips to combat your metabolism fast and achieve the mass you want!

Today I want to share with you some quality tips on how to gain weight. Now I warn you that it is for the guy really looking to actually gain weight because they only have meat in their bones. I know what it is when you feel like it comes all the time and you have nothing to show. He was there. I also understand the feelings you feel when people start to resent you because you can eat what you want and never win a pound. They do not realize that the skinny guys, which is a curse more than it is a blessing at times.

7 Killer Ways To Gain Muscle Naturally! Strategies For Beginners

Here are my top 7 tips to gain weight:

1.Train under an hour

You should keep the program you are doing no more than 1 hour in length. Make sure you are concentrating on keeping the intensity high in place to make the workout crawl. In addition, there is no research that says that marathon training sessions are better for muscle growth. Focus on keeping your rest periods in less than a minute and limiting the talk with other members of the gym.

2. Make eating a habit

Listen, I know the beginning of this post was sympathetic to your problem, but I’m also here to say, suck it. I can tell you that in order to gain weight, you need to focus and make your meals a habit in place of a later idea. Your body is preprogrammed with its genetic disposition. And in your case, you have a very fast metabolism that digests and burns calories quickly. Focus on having 5-6 calorie dense meals a day spaced 2-3 hours apart so that your body is constantly provided with something to metabolize and build muscle.

3. Stop trusting in supplements

I’ve been in your shoes, and I can not count how many times I’ve fallen prey to the supplement industry. You have to understand, a supplement is exactly as the name implies … A SUPPLEMENT. It will not make or break your winnings at the gym. The only supplements I recommend are protein powder and maybe some Gatorade after workouts.

4. Take It Easy

As naturally thin individuals, you have to stop moving so much. It is only a part of who you are, but you can become restless or move around a lot in the day. Learn to relax a bit more and try to limit activity outside the gym as much as possible when outside the gym so that your energy gets put to good use.

Best Ways To Gain Muscle Naturally!

5. Understanding of caloric surplus

This is another thing that I am very tired of listening to. “No matter what I do, what I see, I can not gain weight.” I have heard this countless times and I am here to tell you that they are wrong. That’s fine, because I actually said the same thing until I realized the truth. Most people think that they are eating a lot and can only be. But no matter what you are eating, if you are not winning, you are not eating enough. Most of the time, you should reevaluate your diet and focus on foods that are more calorie dense. But you need to eat more if you are not winning.

6. Focus on progression

As mentioned above, your workouts should actually be less than an hour if even that. However, the main principle of running a home is to make sure you are progressing in a workout. It’s so simple, so many people spoil it. They put on more volume and more until their workouts are in about 2 hours.Now, some things to work on, and you can see some results. But if you want to gain weight, it is best to focus on the number of repetitions or weight gain raised within your main program. Like overeating, it is also difficult and requires you to push yourself to the limits.

7. Change rep range. Every 3-4 weeks

Unless you are making big gains and progressing like anyone else, I would suggest changing the repeat range every 4-6 weeks to avoid plateaus. Change the repetition range that makes your body adapt to the new stressful gaining weight in the form of muscle.