Celebrity fad diets – 10 Fad Diets You Should Never Try, According to Nutritionists


Celebrities tend to set a trend on everything and people tend to follow their diets because it seems to be working for them. Here are some of the celebrity fad diets that work and some of those that don’t.

Fad diets that works

Celebrity fad diets

1.Macrobiotic diet

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow and singer Madonna are said to be devotees of this diet. The principle of this diet is derived from Zen Buddhism combined with a Western style vegetarian system. Macrobiotic diet tries to bring balance between yin and yang foods. Yin food is generally cold and sweet while yang foods are hot and salty.

Practitioners of this diet consume local produce. They also only cook in traditional manners like boiling and steaming. Vegetables, beans, fish and nuts are allowed in macrobiotic diet.

2.Paleo diet

Megan Fox is reported to be a fan of the Paleo diet. Paleo diet is based on the concept that the human body has not adopted into eating processed foods. Instead, proponents of this diet believe that eating the same food consumed by the cavemen is healthier for the body. The diet only allows food that can be hunted and gathered during the Paleolithic era like meat, fish, root crops and fruits. Most of the produce should come from organically raised animals and plants. Food like sugar, potatoes and legumes are not allowed in the diet because they are only discovered and eaten after the growth of agriculture.

3.Blood type diet

Famous model Miranda Kerr and Actress Demi Moore credit their beautiful physique to the blood type diet. The concept of the blood type diet is based in the book entitles ‘Eat Right 4 Your Type’. The diet suggests that people with different blood types have different dietary needs. People with type O blood type are better suited to eat animal protein and should consume less grains and dairy products. Type A blood type responds better to vegetarian diets and organic foods. Type B is said to originate from the Himalayas and should consume lamb, goat and green vegetables. People with type AB blood should eat more seafood and green while they should avoid caffeine, alcohol and cured meats.

Here is an excellent book to get started on the Blood Type Diet, and it’s filled with recipes.

4.Zone diet

The zone diet was been popularized by Jennifer Aniston. The zone diet claims to speed your metabolism by encouraging you to eat 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbohydrates. Proponents of this diet also claim that it can help people with heart disease and diabetes. Unlike other diets, the zone does not recommend eating fewer calories than the one you are currently consuming.  The diet recommends eating a small amount of protein with every meal.  Your carbohydrates should come from vegetables, whole grains and fruits. Dieters are also given a small allowance where they can consume bad carbohydrates like chips and cookies.

5.Dukan diet

Dukan diet is said to be the weight-loss secret of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. The diet has also claimed to have helped French women lose weight. This is a high protein and low carbohydrate diet that does not involve counting calories. This is a great diet for those who cannot avoid eating meat. This plan can help dieters lose weight faster.  The first phase focuses on eating lean protein along with oat bran and water. The second phase allows dieters to include starchy vegetables with their protein intake. The third phase allows unlimited amount of protein with one serving of low sugar fruit. The last phase focuses on the maintenance portion of the plan. You can eat whatever you want provided that you follow the same rules in phase 1 one day in a week.

Fad diets that do not work

Celebrity fad diets

1.Baby food diet

Jennifer Aniston is said to follow the baby food diet. This fad diet was developed by a celebrity trainer named Tracy Anderson. She claims that baby food cleans the body of toxins. However, there is no concrete evidence to support Anderson’s claim that baby food can detoxify the body. The weight loss can only be the result of shedding water weight. Eating baby food can also limit your caloric intake too much, which can slow your metabolism. Generally, it is not an effective long-term diet.

2.Drunk diet

Lady Gaga admitted to following the ‘drunk diet’ to lose unwanted pounds. She claims to drinking whisky while working and manages to exercise even if she still has hung over. Consuming excess alcohol has harmful effects to the body and can contribute to liver disease.  Alcohol also contains too much calories without providing any nutrients.

3.Cabbage soup diet

Sarah Michelle Gellar is said to use the cabbage soup diet to lose weight for her TV roles. The plan is to eat a cabbage based soup with a limited number of vegetables. This diet is simply a low-calorie diet that encourages people to eat less than 1,000 calories each day.

4.Grape fruit diet

Grape fruit diet has been around for some time but some actresses like Brook Shields still swear by it. Dieters should eat half a grapefruit every meal to jump start their metabolism. The unhealthy part of this diet is that it only allows dieters to eat 800 calories each day.

5.Maple syrup diet

Beyonce reportedly used the maple syrup diet to lose weight for her role in Dreamgirls. The diet encourages the consumption of juice that consists of maple syrup, lemon juice and cayenne pepper.  Followers of this diet will have nutrient deficiencies and unwanted muscle loss. This can also trigger other symptoms of starvation like fatigue and moodiness.